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Glen's Story


I thank my donor's family for 're-gifting' me with life.

Glen, heart recipient

At a yearly physical in February 2000, doctors found a plugged artery in Glen's heart. Immediately, Glen was given a coronary stent to help keep his artery open. After continued chest pain, medication and another stent, doctors told Glen his heart was deteriorating at a rapid pace and scheduled an appointment at the University Hospital heart clinic on September 12, 2011.

The doctors and nurses Glen was scheduled to see had been in Washington D.C. prior to his appointment, and due to the events of September 11, 2001, they were not able to fly back to Ohio. Upon returning safely home a week later, doctors placed Glen on the transplant list for a new heart. On April 7, 2002 – just six days after receiving a defibrillator – Glen was given a new heart. Glen credits his recovery to his wife Ruby.

He says that had she not been by his side, he would not have made it. Glen and Ruby want to thank his donor and donor's family for "re-gifting" him with life.

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"Their son left a legacy in me and the others he was able to donate to."

Tonya, double lung recipient