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Afatamah's Story


I appreciate every additional day I've been given.

Afatamah, liver recipient

Afatamah had always been in good health, never showing signs of any serious illness. So she was shocked to learn the itching on her hands and feet was caused by an autoimmune disease that had severely damaged her liver.

"I was listed for a liver transplant in September 2001. I was familiar with the concept but didn't know many details about transplantation," says Afatamah. "When the call came just one month later to tell me that a liver was available, it was surreal. I was speechless, it all happened so quickly."

Following the transplant, Afatamah felt an immediate renewed energy and has written to her donor family to express her gratitude for the gifts she was given, most importantly the gift of watching her family grow. Since her transplant, she has seen the birth of 10 great-grandchildren and celebrated eleven more anniversaries with her husband, Shaka.

"I am so grateful to my donor. I want to live my life to make him or her proud," says Afatamah. "Organ donation is such an amazing gift and I appreciate every additional day I've been given."

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"I am able to live without being attached to machines."

Kate, kidney recipient