How You Can Help


Spread The Word

The most important way you can help save lives is to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor and share your donation wishes with your family.

Ideas for how you can encourage donor registration:

- Share your donation wishes with your family and encourage them to register, too. Invite your spouse, a friend or a family member to keep you company in line at the BMV. Encourage them to update their donor status while you're there.
- Volunteer with your local organ procurement organization.
- Tell us how organ, eye and tissue donation impacted you.
- Like Donate Life Ohio on Facebook and follow @DonateLifeOH on Twitter and share our posts with your friends.
- Post your own messages about donation on your social media networks.


  • In Ohio alone, more than 3,400 people are waiting for life-saving transplants. Join me and register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor today!
  • The need for organ, eye and tissue donation is real – every 10 minutes, another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list. Learn what you can do to help:
  • Support the cause so close to my heart – get involved with Donate Life Ohio. Learn more about participating in events, volunteering and more:
  • Donate Life Ohio's newest education resource kit, Together We Can Save Lives, is designed to help high school teachers educate students about organ, eye and tissue donation. To learn more about the kit and how to get it into your local school, like Donate Life on Facebook and check out their Educator Resource Kit tab.  I said "Yes" to being an organ, eye and tissue donor when I went to the BMV to renew my license today!

Add your decision to register to your Facebook Timeline

  • Go to Timeline
  • Click on "Life Event"
  • Select "Health and Wellness"
  • Choose "Organ Donor"
  • Create a status alerting your friends of when you registered to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.


  • Don't let another chair go empty – join @DonateLifeOH and raise awareness for the need for registered donors in Ohio:
  • Need a little extra motivation today? Watch @DonateLifeOH stories from the Green Chair:
  • Be a hero today. Register as an organ, eye and tissue donor:
  • RT if you're a registered organ, eye and tissue donor like me!
  • Have you been affected by organ, eye and tissue donation? @DonateLifeOH is inviting you to share your story:

Why a Chair?

The thought of seeing an empty chair where a sister, father, husband or daughter once sat is heartbreaking. But it's the reality for the families of the 200 Ohioans who die each year waiting for a life-saving organ. And it's the fear of the families of the more than 3,400 Ohioans currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.

The Donate Life Ohio Green Chair brings to mind the many different people affected by organ, eye and tissue donation. Recipients. Donor families. Those waiting for a transplant. And the families of those who died waiting. The Green Chair provides a platform to share their stories and save lives – because as the number of registered donors increases, the fewer empty chairs there will be.