About Us


About Us

Donate Life Ohio is a coalition of the state's organ, eye and tissue recovery agencies dedicated to educating Ohioans about the need for organ, eye and tissue donation and motivating them to join the Ohio Donor Registry.

#In a 2010 study, 90 percent of Ohioans said they have a positive view of donation, and 80 percent said they would wish to donate to a patient in need – but only 54 percent of Ohioans had actually made the commitment of joining the Ohio Donor Registry. Meanwhile, 3,400 Ohioans await a life-saving transplant. On average, one will die every 48 hours awaiting a transplant that doesn't come in time. But you can help. Register to become an organ, eye and tissue donor today.


Coverage Area

Refer to our additional resources page for our coverage map and list of agencies.

The Second Chance Trust Fund

Your $1 Contribution Can Give Hope to Thousands of Ohioans

The Second Chance Trust Fund was founded in 1997 to support projects that raise awareness about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation throughout Ohio. One of the projects was the establishment of the Ohio Donor Registry and supporting the coalition of organ and tissue recovery agencies that make up Donate Life Ohio. The Second Chance Trust Fund is sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health... read more.

Why a Chair?

The thought of seeing an empty chair where a sister, father, husband or daughter once sat is heartbreaking. But it's the reality for the families of the 200 Ohioans who die each year waiting for a life-saving organ. And it's the fear of the families of the more than 3,400 Ohioans currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.

The Donate Life Ohio Green Chair brings to mind the many different people affected by organ, eye and tissue donation. Recipients. Donor families. Those waiting for a transplant. And the families of those who died waiting. The Green Chair provides a platform to share their stories and save lives – because as the number of registered donors increases, the fewer empty chairs there will be.


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