Alex's Story


We find comfort in knowing Alex gave life to people and they continue to live a full life beacause of him."


Julie and Ron, parents
Alex, organ donor


Alex and his brother, Troy, were not only brothers, but best friends and identical twins. The boys were inseparable and enjoyed the same activities, but especially being outside. Their mother described them as energetic, loving nine-year-olds.

Sunday, October 10, 1999 began as any typical day for Alex's family. Alex, Troy and their cousin were playing outside at their Grandma's house. Alex and his cousin were riding a four-wheeler, when it was struck by a car. The boys were rushed to the emergency room, but Alex never regained consciousness and was declared brain dead a few days after the accident. Together, Alex's family decided to donate his organs. Because of their selfless decision, Alex went on to improve the lives of five people.

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"We miss him terribly," said Julie, Alex's mother. "But, we find comfort in knowing Alex gave life to others, and they continue to live a full life because of him."



"Doctors did everything the could to save her. And she did something incredibly selfless to save me."

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